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Electronic Music Studio (EMS)

The EMS (Electronic Music Studio) has long been at the very heart of both electronic and electro-acoustic music making. In the early days, it was academic institutions (and national radio broadcasters - WDR (Germany), RAI (Italy) and Radio France that first helped establish its discourse.

The production and research within Electronic Music at the University of Limerick’s Department of Computer Science & Information Systems has a 25-year tradition of education, research and production in the fields of electroacoustic music and computer music. Students can access well-equipped studios, the most extensive voltage-controlled analogue studio currently in operation in Ireland and the UK. The ULEMS represents Ireland in the ICMC (International Computer Music Conference) and has partnerships with the CMC (Contemporary Music Center)

The development of the CSIS EMS as both a place of learning and research. A place where students and composers alike can explore electronic music making in a more fluid and hands on environment.

EMS Launch - Friday April 12th 2024 - 14:00-21:00 in CSIS Building (Computer Science Building) @UL !

Located at the University of Limerick’s Dept. of Computer Science and Information Systems, the Digital Media and Arts Research Centre are delighted to launch a new facility dedicated to the art of electronic music on Friday April 12th, 4-9pm.
The ULEMS facility be celebrated with a launch concert featuring performances by Sharon Phelan, Jonathan Impett & Juan Parro Cancino, Paddy Mulcahy, Neil O’Connor and Jürgen Simpson. Composer Roger Doyle will launch the facility with an opening talk.
This new ULEMS facility features a wide range of digital and analogue instruments that demonstrate the history of practices that established electronic sound as one of most vibrant forms of music practices in the 20th and 21st century. The ULEMS facility augments the existing DMARC music studios and 36 channel spatial audio environment SpADE. The ULEMS will in due course support both students and invited Irish and international composers via a new residency programme.

DMARC is particularly proud to presents its recently commissioned Buchla 200e synthesiser, an instrument that is rooted in the early history of modular synthesis and widely regarded as one of the most ambitious instruments of its kind. Designed by Don Buchla and originally released in 2004, the 200e heralded a return to the modular synthesis format that he had originally introduced in 1963 when he was commissioned by Morton Subotnik and Ramon Sender to create a new instrument for the San Francisco Tape Music Centre. Buchla’s influence on the development of electronic music was particular evident in his emphasis on highly experimental approaches and this resulted in Buchla’s ideas and instruments becoming particular relevant to contemporary artists working with sound today. The 200e represents the pinnacle of Buchla’s contribution to the field and features a unique performance interface and deep configurability. The ULEMS also offers composers access to tools and instruments by Roli, Schlappi Engineering, Nord, Doepfer and Eventide as well as sophisticated recording and surround sound monitoring.

Composer Roger Doyle: I am very happy to say a few words at the ULEMS launch and to be part of a continuum that moves electronic music forward to the next generation, especially as so many involved in this project are fine ex-students of mine taking things to the next stage. And the value this brings to the field of electronic music in Ireland as their students in turn become involved in exploring new horizons in music-making incorporating the use of evolving technologies into their work.


Buchla 201e Modular Synthesizer; Make Noise O-Coast Modular Synthesizer; Doepfer A100 Modular Synthesizer; Behringer ARP 2600 Modular Synthesizer; Skiff (Modules to be included); Behringer RD8 Drum Machine; SEIL String Machine Analog Synthesizer; Yamaha CS5 Analog Synthesizer; Korg CS500 Analog Synthesizer; Test Equipment (Noise & Function Generators);

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