DMARC/CSIS Art & Technology Seminar Series

Juan Parra Cancino & Jonthan Impett (Orpheus Institute - Ghent, Belgium)

Workshop: Improvisation as Critical Technical Practice
Thursday Apr 11th 2024 @ 14.00-16.00 room IWA2-041

Andrea Laudante | Paolo Montella | Giuseppe Pisano (Naples, Italy)

Workshop: ON THE PROWL - Tools and Strategies for Electronic Instruments in an Improvisation Context
Tuesday Apr 14th 2024 @ 14.00-16.00 room MAkerSpace @CSIS

Lionel Kasparian

The thinking behind music
Wednesday Apr 10th 2024 @ 15.00-16.00 room CSG-01

Conor O'Brien

Short Form Film Making
Wednesday Apr 20th 2024 @ 14.30-15.30 room CSG-001

Robin Parmar

Animation Techniques in Music Video
Wednesday Feb 14th 2024 @ 14.30-15.30 room CSG-001

Robert Curvengen

Air & Physical Sound
Wednesday Nov 27th 2019 @ 14.00-15.30 room CSG-001 [more]

Miller Puckette & Kerry Hagan

the Higgs whatever
Wednesday Oct 30th 2019 @ 14.00-15.30 room CSG-001 [more]

Katie Berns

Food Sharing Practices - the case of Food Sharing Copenhagen
Tuesday Oct 29th 2019 @ 15.00-16.00 room CSG-027 [more]


Jurgen Simpson
Wednesday Oct 23th 2019 @ 14.00-15.30 room CSG-001 [more]

Bodhi Media Linux - UPGRADE

free OS distro for artists by Giuseppe Torre
Wednesday Oct 16th 2019 @ 15.00-16.30 room CSG-001 [more]


Theremin - An Electronic Odyssey (1993) - Director: Stephen M. Martin (Discussion/Moderator: Jurgen Simpson)
Wednesday Sept 25th 2019 @ 3pm room CSG-01

Selina Laverty

Wednesday Apr 3rd 2019 @ 3pm room CSG-01

Charles Holbrow

Cybernetics and the Future of Connected Music Technology - [Opera of the Future group with Professor Tod Machover at MIT Media Lab]
Monday Mar 25th 2019 @ 11pm room CS2-046

Slavek Kwi

Artificial Memory Trace
Wednesday Mar 13th 2019 @ 3pm room CSG-01 [more]

Maxence Larrieu

Code and/as score
Wednesday Mar 7th 2019 @ 3pm room CSG-01 [more]

Lauren Goshinski

Wednesday Feb 20th 2019 @ 3pm room CSG-01 [more]

Patti Cudd

Drum, Electronic, Score
Wednesday Feb 13th 2019 @ 3pm room CSG-01 [more]

Emilie Gilles

Participatory Making Using e-Textiles (see "More" for details on Workshop on the 22nd)
Wednesday Jan 23rd 2019 @ 12.30 room CS20461 [more]

Gibson / Martelli

Art, game engine, VR, self (3-day workshop)
Nov 12th-14th 2018 @ TBC

Marius Watz

Co-discovering with Machines: Computation as creative method
Wednesday Oct 17rd 2018 @ 14.00-15.00 room CSG-01 [more]

Grainne Carroll

Event/Live/Scripted TV producer
Wednesday Oct 10th 2018 @ 15.00-16.30 room CSG-01 [more]

Bodhi Media Linux

free OS distro for artists by Giuseppe Torre
Wednesday Oct 3rd 2018 @ 15.00-16.00 room CS3-005a [more]

Ed Devane - DIY digital tools for artists
Wednesday Sept 26th 2018 @ 15.00-16.30 room CSG-01 [more]

Nicolas Sassoon

Tuesday Sept 18th 2018 @ 1pm to 2pm in room CS2-046
Presented in association with the French Embassy in Ireland and Glitch Festival at Rua Red, Dublin. [more]

vvvv Workshop

Aleksandra Jovanic
Sept 11th-12th 2018 @ 2pm room CS3-004b [more]

Aleksandra Jovanic

Univeristy of Arts in Belgrade
Wednesday Sept 13th 2018 @ 2pm room CSG-13 [more]

Goran Peuc

SAP Principal UX Designer
Tuesday Mar 20th 2018 @ 11-12.30pm room CSG-01

Ben James

Jotta Studio London
Thursday Mar 10th 2018 @ 11-11.50pm room CSG-01

Alex McLean a.k.a YAXU

Live Coding Workshop
March 12th-13th 2018 - starts at 9.15 room CSG-01

Niall Byrne a.k.a Nialler

Music Curator, Dj
Monday Feb 26th 2018 @ 16.30-17.30 room T3101

Documentary: Lo and Behold

Moderators: Cristiano Stori Giuseppe Torre
Wednesday Feb 28th 2018 @ 14.00-16.00 room CSG-01

Becky Stewart

e-Textile, history and technology
Wednesday Jan 26th 2018 @ 14.00-16.00 room CSG-01

Gash Collective

On female identifying producers and DJs in Ireland
Wednesday Feb 14th 2018 @ 3-4.30pm room CSG-0

Neil O'Connor

Whats the Score – Film and Improvisational Electronics
Wednesday Nov 15th 2017 @ 3-4.30pm room CSG-0

Nick Collins

Machine listening and learning for musical systems
Wednesday Feb 29th 2012, 2012 @ 3.00pm room CSG-0

Keith Rowe

Godfathers of improvisation and founding member of AMM
Thursday Mar 30th 2006 @ 3-4.30pm room CSG-0

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